What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are a thin shell of material that is placed on top of the front of your tooth. They're used to change color, shape, and length.

What problems can be solved with dental veneers?

We can solve a lot of problems with dental veneers. For example, they can be used to adjust color, shape, and even small misalignments.

Are veneers permanent or removable?

The veneers are permanently bonded to the front of your tooth.

What should I expect throughout the process of getting veneers?

First, there will be a consultation and preparation of your teeth. A small amount of enamel will be removed from your teeth and then we will take an impression and send it to the lab. You will leave with temporary veneers. At the next appointment, the temporary veneers will be removed and the permanent veneers will be cemented.

Will veneers match the color of my teeth?

Yes, veneers will definitely match the color of your teeth.

Porcelain versus composite veneers. What are the pros and cons of each?

Porcelain veneers last longer, are more aesthetically pleasing, don't stain, and are stronger. Composite veneers are also bonded to your teeth, but they don't last as long, are weaker, and can get stained.

How long will it take to place veneers on my teeth?

It will take two sessions, approximately two hours per session depending on how many teeth are involved. The other appointment to cement the veneers will take approximately one hour.

Do dental veneers require special care?

No, they don't require special care. You just have to maintain normal oral hygiene.

When would a dentist recommend using veneers?

A dentist would recommend using veneers when a person is looking to enhance and improve the cosmetic and functionality of their smile.

What differences are there between dental veneers and crowns?

A veneer covers only the front of your tooth, and a crown covers the whole tooth.

Will veneers and bonding cement match my tooth color?

Yes, veneers and the bonding cement will match your tooth color.

What should I do to care for my dental veneers?

You should brush and floss normally, and see your dentist regularly.

How much do veneers cost?

There is a wide range of prices, but usually, it goes from $1,500 to $3,000.

Does insurance cover the cost of veneers?

Usually insurance does not cover veneers because they consider it a cosmetic procedure.

How can I schedule a dental veneer appointment?

Give us a call and request a free dental consultation. We are here to help you. You can reach us at (954) 419-5944.

DentaCare Associates has been a certified Lumineers provider since 2006.


DentaCare Associates has been a certified Lumineers provider since 2006. Call and schedule an appointment and let us help you get the perfect smile you deserve. You can have a permanently white, perfect smile in only two visits. Lumineers are unique in that they are ultra-thin (approximately 0.2 mm) and highly translucent, allowing them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel delivering a natural looking smile. Traditional veneers are generally thicker, and thus require more aggressive and irreversible removal of healthy tooth structure. The extensive preparation technique frequently requires shots and anesthesia to minimize sensitivity and pain, and typically involves placement of acrylic temporaries for over two weeks between visits. The minimally invasive Lumineers technique typically eliminates the need for shots or temporaries, so while you wait for your custom-made Lumineers, you’ll look great and feel great. Additionally, the durability of Lumineers allows them to resist wear and remain resilient to last over 20 years. That durability improves the strength of your teeth. Lumineers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty